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The Food Assembly A service within everybody’s reach, a platform for straight from the producers online shopping.

Around 2011 in France something starts to move: the wish to get out of the large-scale retail trade logic and to reappropriate control over what we eat are the outbursts for a somewhat epochal change. And there a start-up decides to digitalize the market square effect, the weekly marketplace, and to create La Ruche qui dit Oui!, then  The Food Assembly is born in England, Spain, Germany and Belgium and at last, in 2014,  L’Alveare che dice Sì! in Italy. Today there are 156 active beehives and over 50.000 subscribers and the trend is very positive.

L’Alveare che dice Sì! is the Italian platform that aims to give power back to producers and consumers so as to reinvent food and to give the right value to good manufacturing techniques. It is a project trying to develop the short chain so as to make people rediscover the taste of the local areas, fight against climatic change and restore a link between consumers and producers.Beehives are housed in shops, coffee bars, cinemas that want to be points of reference for the quarter and which, by joining the net of beehives, try to be that in the most complete way by offering a real service to the people.

Once a week, for an hour, these places become the withdrawal point of the previously online ordered products and a meeting place for consumers and producers. The basic idea of l’Alveare che dice Sì!. is actually that of giving the online shopping a very humane connotation, by making the distribution become a moment of exchange and social relations within a quarter, beyond the trade. The beehives net’s mission is in fact to make everybody within reach of having the chance to benefit from local and good quality food and to safeguard sustainable agriculture. The platform has had a big impact on small producers too, as they have been followed in their firm’s digitalization process from the net, and now see in the platform a real commercial outlet.

I suggest you all to be curious about discovering where the nearest beehive lies. On the platform you can consult the available seasonal products’ catalogue and purchase with no minimum order! I tell you that it will be nice having to get up from the sofa to meet the producers and withdraw your shopping in a super social context.




Chickpeas Hummus

Chickpeas hummus is a very ancient and traditional Middle East recipe. A delicious cream, of a delicate and aromatic flavour, with a bit of lemon acidity balancing its taste. It is mainly served as a hors d'oeuvre dish and a seasoning sauce, in the dugout pita bread, as well as on unleavened bread; excellent on the Indian chapati bread, too. To make the dish even more tasty, I suggest to add a sprinkling of paprika just before serving.


250 gr of dried chickpeas
1 lemon
2 spoons of Thaina
2 cloves of garlic
Olive Oil

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