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To be constantly seeking alternative proposals ideas, to explore unconventional solutions to fulfill our needs without neglecting those of others, to be curious and hopelessly optimistic; these are the distinguishing features of those who feel to be a part of Act From The Sofa.
Because seeking out the best of things is not for dreamers, but for women.

Act From The Sofa means to know exactly how things are, to be aware of how to take an active role in this world and to have the right to decide, rejecting the compromises and learning how to support those who work hard to find the alternatives.

Act From The Sofa is a blog that speaks of countertrend and bravery, of rediscovered practices and places that open new horizons. Only by knowing and understanding the alternatives one can be truly free to choose. And we want tell you about all of the alternatives; promising and concrete examples of how good practices are slowly making their way into craftsmanship, design, fashion, tourism, cooking and much more.

M. Naomi Galavotti

AFTS’s editor

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Chickpeas Hummus

Chickpeas hummus is a very ancient and traditional Middle East recipe. A delicious cream, of a delicate and aromatic flavour, with a bit of lemon acidity balancing its taste. It is mainly served as a hors d'oeuvre dish and a seasoning sauce, in the dugout pita bread, as well as on unleavened bread; excellent on the Indian chapati bread, too. To make the dish even more tasty, I suggest to add a sprinkling of paprika just before serving.


250 gr of dried chickpeas
1 lemon
2 spoons of Thaina
2 cloves of garlic
Olive Oil

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