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Hidden figures

Based on Margot Lee Shetterly’s book of the same title, Hidden Figures is a film telling us about apartheid, civil rights and emancipation of women. And it does it through an amazing true story.
The narration takes us back to the early Sixties in Virginia, which personally didn’t seem so distant to me.
White and coloured people cannot sit down near each other on buses, in cinemas or waiting rooms. They cannot eat in the same restaurants, nor use the same restrooms.
K.J. can’t even pour her coffee from the same thermos used by all the men in her same office, and each time she needs to go to the toilet she has to walk for a kilometre before getting to the “coloured ladies restrooms”.
Determined to change things, K.and her colleagues D. V. and M. J., are three brilliant scientists working at the NASA, pioneers in an experimental space rush program in competition with Russia.
Discussed twice because of their skin colour and for being women, they will make their way into a world of whites and men, a male chauvinist world as it was at NASA, winning their male colleagues’ loyalty and respect.
We will end up adoring Kevin Costner, as we watch him waving a club and shouting ” Here at NASA we all pee the same colour “, impeccable as usual in his good man role.
Telling us about their touching true story, this film gives KJ, DV and MJ the recognition that they deserve for giving a primary contribute to the goals reached by NASA in the stars rush.
This women emancipation and fight against inequality parable pays tribute to all the women and men who have always strongly and courageously fought in order to make our society better, bravely supporting those rights that we can enjoy today.
Hidden Figures does this all through a film that reaches our hearts without being rethorical, commonplace or excessively fatuous.
With a plot like this, the risk was definitely high.


Chickpeas Hummus

Chickpeas hummus is a very ancient and traditional Middle East recipe. A delicious cream, of a delicate and aromatic flavour, with a bit of lemon acidity balancing its taste. It is mainly served as a hors d'oeuvre dish and a seasoning sauce, in the dugout pita bread, as well as on unleavened bread; excellent on the Indian chapati bread, too. To make the dish even more tasty, I suggest to add a sprinkling of paprika just before serving.


250 gr of dried chickpeas
1 lemon
2 spoons of Thaina
2 cloves of garlic
Olive Oil

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