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Brass row material as chip and tube - Madagascar - esthéthique - Act From The Sofa

Recycled brass in Madagascar

Usually the urge to purchase is due to simple and sometimes superficial reasons. Other times, though, there can be some peculiarities inducing…

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Pikaplant: self-sufficient plants

There are various studies that demonstrate that contact with nature, even visual contact itself, has a significant impact on people’s psyche…

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Chickpeas Hummus

Chickpeas hummus is a very ancient and traditional Middle East recipe. A delicious cream, of a delicate and aromatic flavour, with a bit of lemon acidity balancing its taste. It is mainly served as a hors d'oeuvre dish and a seasoning sauce, in the dugout pita bread, as well as on unleavened bread; excellent on the Indian chapati bread, too. To make the dish even more tasty, I suggest to add a sprinkling of paprika just before serving.


250 gr of dried chickpeas
1 lemon
2 spoons of Thaina
2 cloves of garlic
Olive Oil

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